About Us

Who we are


Our Vision is to become one of the regional leaders in designing, constructing and commissioning commercial and industrial buildings in the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia within the upcoming 10 years.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with high service quality, on time and on budget delivery. We shall achieve this by creating a partnership between our employees, managers, and clients. We will perform this in the most efficient and productive manner such as to generate a reasonable return for our shareholders and ourselves.

Our Values

Our values are basic and fundamental and shall remain the guiding light in our dealings internal and external. These are the uncompromising foundations upon which we built our Mission.

Competitive Advantage

Our advantages come from being committed to beating our clients’ expectation, recruiting only the best talent, and in adapting a decentralized ‘modus operandi’ that is connected via our information-sharing platform, Mittal Tech.


the courage to maintain the right from the wrong without compromise.


the ability to deliver on what we promise, without exception.


the strength to be responsible for own actions and decisions.